nini husumbua wakisii

African King

Senior Villager
Husband is like, "I have to protect my wife. She will be eaten by lions and foxes!" Hahahahahaaaaa.... WTF?! I think junguz should wake up and smell the coffee. They treat their wives too nice these fuckers!
Some Women wetu take being treated by a guy nicely as a sign of weakness that is why they go for wale ambao watawalisha ma spinebusters na ma DDT.
wewe ongea juu ya vitabu umesoma si kupitia links za youtube alafu unakam hapa na mamixmasterisms
Boss,I read religion as a course in college. Its past,present and 'future'. I have read all the major religions 'holy' books...mamaxmasterisms sijui ndo nini.
Maybe you could educate me. Thank you.