Nissan Bluebird Sylphy vs Toyota Axio


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zote sio mbaya, wakenya ndio hublow things out of proportion in either way about both cars. axio uwe unalala nayo kwa nyumba, car jackers get a hard on when they see nayo ujue saa ya kuuza ni balaa. i have had a nissun sunny b15 well maintained, and a good music system and i have been tryin to sell it for a while now. kila mtu akiiona anasema ingekua toyota ndio iko that well maintained angenunua.


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Kenyans like inflating car prices maze. I noticed the Honda Stream when it was retailing at around 700K huko 2014/2015, now I see it has hit 1.1 -1.2. Meaning a Kenyan that bought a Honda stream in 2014 can sell it at the same price he bought it for or even with a 50K profit currently. What fundamental differences exist when it comes to features and performance between the Axio & Bluebird? Nothing much, just that one of the models has attracted the hype and peculiar Kenyan hardons.


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Axio ni gari ya upuzi sana..bluebird nayo ni ingine ngombe kabisa...
Toyota gari fake kapisa..tafuta subaru ama honda sio mabati ya toyota