Njoya and the Holy herb!


Miss Finest Wine

Asante Birrionaire@nairobilay. Pls keep my big budget intact, pale Ridgeview na hiyo Jikoni at Walkabout unajua wine is not cheap. I can only wish I had Vanessa's striking looks. Her Mum is Caribbean and her Dad is one Mr Kin'gori from Nyeri I would assume going by his name who came hia zamo. She is a fine chica this one. She's done really well for herself!! Besides she has held on to her Dad's surname and it has not stopped her. Over hia some of us tupilia those surnames as it is well known that they can stop your upward mobility. But it is not to be spoken about. Hata GCSEs wataangusha watoi wetu huko in the bundooks where exams are marked by haters.