Nobody is asking why schools are burning all over


Village Elder
If you are a parent take note, if you are a teacher take a better note. If you are a principle review all manuals. We are all liable.
How? Just after Njoki Ndung'u atupilie petition mbali? Due to postponement of exams you mean?
One thing I know is September inakuwaga na mambo yake in every year. Ukkweka story za politics kando uanze kuangalia calendar zote za hapo nyuma utaona kila mwaka lazima kutokee vitu kama hizi za shule kuchomwa.


Village Chief
Apart from those girls and boys, who else is supposed to enter to dormitory's?? Nani huyo anaweza funguliwa gate akubaliwe aingia mpaka kwenye watoto wamelala
I asked that on another thread about sneaking away from school and was told that many schools aren't fenced off completely.