Nollywood is an enemy of Africa.


Village Elder
By: Mawuna Koutonin
Saturday, September 8th, 2018 at 2:36 pm.

Nollywood is an enemy of Africa.
That Igbo movie industry is anti African.
Their movies have only one goal spread hate against African culture and promote Christianity.
Recently I learned that the producers receive lot of money from local and foreign Christian extremists and fundamentalists to insert and promote anti African culture and heritage scenes in their movies.
Like advertisers pay to insert advertising in movies.
Nollywood is a shame for Africa.
Hollywood and Bollywood are used to promote and project the best in American and Indian culture. Nollywood instead is used to shame, denigrate, destitute African culture.
I hate Nollywood


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I used to have a girl who loved these nollywood movies so at times i was forced to watch them with her. Kitu ilikuwa inanishinda ni a family eating scene tuseme dinner inachukua like 30mins....ndio wamalize chakula yote (no wasting) but in a hollywood movie unaona mama wa nyumba amepika breakfast ya nguvu..sio pancakes, eggs, bacon etc alafu hubby comes from upstairs while wearing his jacket..takes only a sip of passion juice and tells wife sorry honey i cannot have breakfast today am in a hurry Then gives her a kiss and hio inaishia hapo