North Korea: WW3 is Coming


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BREAKING: North Korea fires ballistic missile over the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido.

Map of North Korea missile launch: 1st time a missile flew over Japen since 98
The twitter president (Trump) expected to make a statement soon. Many expect him to go ham and maybe deal with N.K once and for all.

Meanwhile Japanese pple woke up to this alert.

Japanese TV alert: "Missile launch. Missile launch. North Korea seems to have launched a missile. Please evacuate to a sturdy building."


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The real war will be between China and the US,China is pulling strings behind N.Korea and will be the first to go and defend N.Korea together with Russia.US and Japan and S.Korea will be on the other side. Like most wars it's going to be over resources.
You lie....I am certain China would hate to get into a war with the US because there's really nothing to gain


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As I stated before all this is mere saber rattling. The world has been through this sh.i.t before during the cold war where both the USA and USSR would each nuke themselves with their own payloads in order to send a message to the opponent. It still continues with sanctions and propaganda.
If NK did not posses nukes and have the backing of Russia and china, it would be looking like Iraq.

The truth

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It was well thought out, just when the US is in a harricane crisis. Now let's see if Trump is going to address his suffering citizens or get to it with North Korea.


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I hate saying this but Kim Jong has no idea what he is provoking. USA has been actively in war for a long time. Meanwhile he and his dad before him were in the lab. Plus his war will benefit USA more than he comprehends.


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This small penised tikteta called Kim thinks he has resources to invest in war. Wacha wanyoroshane. I am quite sure after investing heavily in military, still his resouces can't sustain a war for a few months.


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Typical shallow thinking that is only associated with Africans. If the world goes to war, Africa will be hit hardest given that we rely on loans and aid from the countries that will be warring.
also the shipping routes will be hard hit. Then the American and British troops on African Soil will be targets. The Chinese are also setting up a base in Djibouti so the scuffle will hit home soon.
You lie....I am certain China would hate to get into a war with the US because there's really nothing to gain
China has a lot to gain from any war that will occur in the Asian hemisphere
1.Just like America claimed psychological victory over the Nagasaki and Hiroshima, a war and miscalculation and loss by the US will be good for China to assert itself as a global power.
2.Read about the East china Sea conflict and South China Sea conflict-China is in a territorial conflict with Japan to control some Islands because they are rich in minerals,China would like Japan to get out of the way,ever noticed every time Kim Jong Un threatens to release the missiles-the US fires back then China warns/gets involved and Japan always takes side with the US. China knows that Japan signed a military pact with the US some time back so it looked at enemies of the US-Russia and N.Korea among many other Asian states to form an ally of convenience.
Also noticed that in the UN security council China and Russia always Veto against the US decisions,that speaks a lot about a race/competition between China and the US
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