North Korea: WW3 is Coming


Senior Villager
If there will be world war 3 then this issue will be the cause, good thing is that US and China need each other, e.g. for trade etc so diplomacy will always take 1st priority,if war starts nuclear war head will be involved and will cause a lot of deaths and destruction like has never been caused before in the history of this planet
well said lakini wapo wanaoshabikia vita war ni kitu kibaya sana
North Korea is like a flea, will be crushed into smithereens. Usually the weakest people are the ones who provoke others because they have a point to prove.

They have nothing to show but destitution and hunger. Worshipping a president like a God. Useless.
China imesema if N Korea is attacked first, they will get involved on the side of N Korea = WW3.
China pia wamesema N Korea wakishambulia marekani, basi wako peke yao. Meaning, N Korea will lose the war, and no WW3. This is extremely unlikely. Surprise, surprise, N Korea has never attacked another country.

S Korea does not want war with the north under any circumstances. In fact there has been demonstrations against any such plans in the country but you won’t see that on cnn or bbc. Japan also does not want war under any circumstance.

But the NWO desperately want a WW3. They tried to have it through Syria earlier this year but they were called out for the fake excuse given about the false flag incident. Although the nwo controls cnn and other msm, they are running out of time because every day more people are discovering about the msm, nwo strategy. That’s why they are desperately pushing for a WW3 starting in the Korean peninsula before it is too late.

The difficulty they are facing is that for WW3 to occur, one of the following has to happen.

- Japan requests US to attack N Korea on their behalf. Impossible.
- S Korea requests US to attack N Korea on their behalf. Impossible.
- US unilaterally attacks N Korea courtesy of a false flag event. Possible. NWO wants this. Mainstream media wants this. Most Americans don’t want this. It could even trigger a 2nd US civil war.