ntsa transfer fees

Wakubwa nimepata job in a car yard na huko ngong road. It entails collecting logbooks from ntsa and transferring of ownership of vehicles. When interviewing for the job i lied that I know all the processes to transferring ownership of cars to buyers. In reality I have no idea how TIMS works. The only day I interacted with TIMS is when some nigga told me to log into his account and then go get him his logbook.

Tomorrow is when my job starts with transferring ownership. The question I have is transfer fees. Does the buyer pay during the transfer (the way it happens on ecitizen) or after the process??
Transfering a logbook utaitaji login details za mwenye gari that is car yard owner details. Ukulogin chagua the specific gari ur transfering utahitaji kra pin na I'd ya customer na lazima yeye akue registered kwa tims,( not ecitizen). Transfer fee hulipwa na buyer not seller unless they agree otherwise. Remember u have to upload original copy of logbook while transferring. Kuna some sms notifications the owner utatumiwa na system so lazima akue apo pia. The process is straightforward.
Once u have completed transfering the buy will have to logging to their Tims account and ACCEPT tranfer within 2weeks otherwise akichelewa tranfer will bounce back to seller. U have to explain to your buyer to accept tranfer. After ameaccept atachagua location to pick up the new logbook ikiwa na jina yake. So atahitaji the original logbook na I'd yake. Also logbook can have more than 1 owner utawaweka apo wote .Before muanze transfer kama ni wewe responsible na transfer make sure client amemaliza payments asichanganywe na cheque ushinde current balance na available balance ni nini.
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