Nuga Best


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Hii kijiji ni kusaidiana. Juzi, I was introduced by a friend to Nuga Best. Wako hapa -
Whereas I dont agree with their theories and treatment principles, there is one thing I like- the massage bed. After a few minutes on the bed, you feel totally rejuvenated. @Kasighau try it and see how your back reacts.
Watu wa thika rd you can try them for FREE at Roasters next to the driving school ama at the CEO motel pale githurai. Roasters is less crowded unlike Githurai.

NB: Sijalipwa na yeyote kufanyia Nugu base marketing, but I thought you may like it.


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I have heard about these "clinics", but i didn't conviced of their treatment stuff.
ati special stones cures a patient.
I also dont believe that theory ya stones with magenetic forces blah blah lah. But I must say i liked the experience on the bed. if not for anything else, the massage is worth it.
Does it cure arthritis?
They say they have programs that cure it. If you have a patient, you may try to get them there for a free session and make an informed decision from there.


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Yaani uko na kipara, fudhi kwa mapua na sasa arthritis. Enda cheza draft na pheroze nowrjee
I don't have the 1st and neither am I the one suffering from the last.
As for the middle one, I went and got a nice trim from this very gentle young thing who was bending so close to me I could feel her breathe on my face and her boobs touching my head. I gotta admit I got a hard on at some point.
It's something I will definitely be doing regularly.