Nyachae dead. Who from Moi's elite Cabinet minister is remaining?


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Joseph Kamotho ... Dead

Ole Ntimama ... Dead

George Saitoti...Dead

Sharif Nassir .. Dead

The least is long. U can add.

Who is remaining? Your guess is as good as mine. It is Mwai Kibaki. He will join them soon... before end of February. Mark this thread.

Alafu that chokosh Sonko will be involved in a car crash before Friday. RIP in advance.

Enjoy your day.

BTW Deportation ni mbaya. See my life . From high life of Pizza and hamburgers I am now back to this.

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Ati the "least" instead of "list" alafu according to u hamburgers n pizzas is high life in a land where 10,000 cases of covid-19 are reported in a day :eek:..... Huku Kenya Doctors are on strike and midomo Kauka's ain't dying enmass..... Cheap fruits, mogoks n lots of sunshine (vitamin D) abounds .... U guys hv 100k deaths while our sewer stewn hospitals report only 100k corona cases since the 1st quarter of 2020..... Remember hiding death statistics ain't easy
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