Nylon Paper Dealer


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karatasi zinauzwa esp in places where people know how to 'talk to officers'. I'm from using one right now. too bad sijapiga bisha

Tom Bayeye

Kinyozi wa Stima Jebedeyo
you're a symbol of how a man can live without brains
How is government confused if not the trader.

Impending ban was announced like a year ago.
you know,until you run your own business then you'll realize that your long term commitments are in a limbo when given ultimatums of bans,weird licences,and govt.crap that have to be fulfilled within a year.kama ni ya mutura then sawa.the dude had 10 tons ,get the statistics of polythene use in a day in vumbistan then figure how much he had to manufacture in a day albeit in a year