Obama & Bush to officially combine forces in one uniparty campaingn against Trump.

Like I said in this recent thread Bush wants back into the white house through his brother Jeb Bush :


There was a uniparty formed between the Bush, Clinton and Obama families to "protect democracy". This coming week the duo Obama and Bush will field conferences to rebuke and repudiate the Trump candidature which threatens to cut off funding to Ukraine :


Trump gave us a very good gift. The globalists have been forced to come out fighting. Their NWO agenda is at stake. Trump stirred up the people.

The globalists had their hand on both of the major parties of the current day Rome. Hoodwinking the people that they have a choice. Well, Trump came along exposed the establishment republicans, war mongers like the Bushes and Cheney's.

Establishment republicans and democrats are now grouping together to defend 'democracy'. The 'democracy' that liberated Iraq from non-existent weapons of mass destruction. The 'democracy' that made Libya ungovernable and now your fellow negroes are auctioned like livestock in slave markets