Of babies born with deformities

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When I watched the movie 300 close to 10 years ago, on the opening scene a narration goes of how Spartans killed deformed babies at birth. The case of this kid with a face similar to Admiral Ackbar got me thinking on the same lines. Without all the religious bs, I think bringing up a deformed kid is too much a hustle and doctors or the law should allow culling chini ya maji. More so the insecurities that the kid would go through in life won't allow reaching full potential.

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Many if not all mothers would love the kid no matter how one is deformed.

Diseases or accidents do occur later on in life making the victim to be severely deformed or disabled would you kill that person possibly your wife?
It's border line **** IMO, just did some digging that infantcide is legal in The Netherlands on some circumstances.


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Who says the world is a perfect place deserving only of 'perfect' people?
Actually the so called perfect do have their imperfections, mismatched boobs, gonads, buttocks, feet, extra fingers, vibogoyo, bald heads, foul breath, sweaty hands, smelly feet, negroes........... if we start playing God we'll be back to where Hitler was with his supposed superior Aryans


Only God has the right to decide who lives or who dies. With the exmption of paedophile. Those we must kill before going for lunch
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The body has its own internal mechanisms of rejecting fetuses it deems unviable, via spontaneous abortions most of which happen before you even realize that you're pregnant.

Traditionally, some of our communities dealt with physical disabilities ruthlessly: babies born physically disabled were simply abandoned. Have you ever seen a physically disabled elderly Samburu man? Or Turkana? Etc


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Depending on what disabilities, physical or mental, if i was to be told that my child would be born blind and deaf with severe mental and physical disabilities i would rather spare him the suffering and instead suffer his loss for the rest of my life


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You are not immune to disability yourself..shit happens in life. But disability is not inability, i have a relative who got paralysed 24 yrs ago just after 5 years of getting married, he never gave up on life..he had a good wife who never left him..he continued with his job as a teacher despite being in a wheelchair for 20 years untill he retired..he made some investments along the way and now he is more wealthy than his able bodied brothers and sisters.
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