Of Chopped Transformers

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I was pondering and thinking jana after eating my things about that Nyeri man whose transformer was chopped.There are things that come with owning a transformer esp if its a kitransformer.F
irst the joy of waking up with a wood..wood so hard you cant piss straight.Second the joy of standing in a urinal at the bar looking at yourself in the mirror and convincing yourself you are not drunk and that "unakojolea ball gum".Third there is that ohhhh moment..that moment you are so pressed by urine u reach home ..let out transformer and feel "ohhh"..another joy is that forexample you bathe with cold water and look down on ua transformer and its looking like a baby elephant trunk so tiny .you look n think yawa is this the thing that makes someone recite the rosarry and the holy creed in one sitting.Women pls if you must chop ..chop a hand..leg..bt ńever a transformer.Imagn that guy hatawai ingia "Gents" tena ..so painful.


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Is this what we are coming to, a forum of d*ck-measurers, or this is yet another controversial post by another "new villager" to liven up the kijiji?


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that reality just hit home..I have never for a moment reflected about the changes in the lives of those dudes and the challenges thereof. they cant play pool with the urinal moth balls with their piss as the cue stick. they should be registered as people living with a disability
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