Of desperation, thrills, and a weird world out there

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Have you ever undergone a DRY SPELL? No think about it, a good long dry spell (Kalahari Desert dry?). The Mrs. Is not around for like a month or is not giving in coz u’r not in good terms, your MWK has developed attitudes and has decided unless she is number one lady then there is no taste of the honey jar. Umeomba mabeste, colleagues..hakuna mtu anukabili roho safi. Others want you to buy the kitty expensive and you don’t have money.. Its now 3 weeks, you cant keep it down.. you are erect every second, oogling at all and sundry. Even the wind blowing makes your D hard. Dry spell my friend!!!!

It can make you desperate I tell you. It can make you do things for Kanyau that you in your right normal mind cannot do. It’s like a high that takes over your body and you just want to screw anything if only kupoza moto. I would like to know what desperation has ever led you to? The lows of lows that you found yourself in coz you just wanted to quench you thirst for the kitten?

I was there a couple of months ago.. very dry and desperate for the kanyau..even Kawasaki wasn’t doing it for me. I just had to stick my rod inside some bearded meat or go crazy. Thoughts of rape even crossed my mind. I felt like I would jump on a lady and screw the shit outta her.. but knowing it is illegal and morally wrong I suufered silently and despearately.

I couldn’t take it any more and so on a fine sato, I drove down kamiti road at around 10.00 pm nikapark apo comrades karibu na base zimmer. Some chic approached me and lifted her short skirt up na akaniuliza kama nataka shot. I had never before thought of those girls that walk up and down the road kama k street but this day I found myself asking..ngapi shot?

300..she said. I immediately lit up like a lighter since najua kununua kanyau ni 2500 shot kulinganga na vile net huniambia. “Na 50 bob solja” she added.. whaaat.. 350 Only.. nkadecide for the adventure niende na yeye kwa solja and bang her brains out. What followed was like a movie I tell you..PART II Coming soon
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