Office of the president Makes comical Errors


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Hehe Ian Khama thought he was clever when he handpicked masisi as his successor. Dude only took a few months to assert his authority and shake off Khama's influence. But Ian anamwonyesha madharau sana
Unfortunately for masisi and others Khama is still very popular across the country though he can't run for office again, but anyone he anoints is certain of winning...a few years ago everyone thought he would anoint his younger brother instead he went for masisi...he has realised his mistake and is now grooming an opposition candidate.
The problem I have with the Khama's is that they are royalty( and their BDB party reminds me of KANU)...they have ruled that country/kingdom for 100s of years..Ian's great grandfather was the king in the early 19th century...but the current generation looks more white than black...and remember Ian is still a bachelor in his 60s.
I got a photo of the extended family from fb, the senior khama( first independence president and Ian's father), married a mzungu and this is the result FB_IMG_1564553979390.jpg