Official no Elections thread

kah tony

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I saw someone complain that this forum is full of Jubilee sycophants. Just so that the other (minority) divide, who are sitting at home enjoying the day unperturbed does nt feel left out, I have taken it upon myself to start a thread for you and the admins of ktalk to register and announce where you're silently protesting and expressing your constitutional rights.

I have seen unverified tweets that some people have been beaten mercilessly in Kakamega for voting. Let us hope none of you engaging in unlawful activities or moved out of the country for the likes of @shoti_mzito .

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kah tony

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Waiganjo, I believe you're too idle. Give me the number of your boss. Please get busy uache upuss. Am really tired of these 1000 egocentric threads.
It has nothing to do with self (ego) but voting and seem salty about it though.

that is why this thread is here to counter the other one since you didn't start one for yourselves. You can engage each other in constructive political discourse.

I am self-employed.