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  1. FieldMarshal CouchP

    FieldMarshal CouchP Village Sponsor

    WHAT EXACTLY WAS THE BOMAS MEETING ALL ABOUT? As I understand it, delegates came all the way from as far as Loki and Mandera to do exactly what?

    Please explain because I am just sitting here scratching my balls na sielewi.................

    Asanteni sana.
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  2. airconditioned

    airconditioned Village Elder

    Like this?? download.jpg images.jpg
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  3. LeoK

    LeoK Village Elder

    looked to me like more of an odm affair with all those oranges but maybe that's just me.
  4. siki

    siki Village Elder

    ...To get entertained,I guess. By the way those 'vigogos' looked visibly fatigued. A tinge of desperation couldn't go unnoticed too. I think the meeting left them more demoralized than ever before.
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  5. gashwin

    gashwin Village Sponsor

    all i could gather was that it was an anti-jubilee ranting session. the word jubilee was mentioned 20 times more than those of naswa, cord or odm combined....
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  6. bjurmann

    bjurmann Village Elder

    I don't know either. Was it a welcome back baba n hoho? Was it an odm delegates conference? Was it meeting for a mass action call? What was it for?
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  7. Elin

    Elin Village Elder

    Babuon never mentioned or aknowedged the Nasa Chieth even once...
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  8. bjurmann

    bjurmann Village Elder

    Aaaaiii its not working!!!!!! Their eyes could tell it all. Tired. Exhausted. Vanity. Hopeless. I feel for them. Fake smiles.........its simply not working. No excitement anywhere. Akina Otuoma,Kidero.....everyone seemed to be in the wrong place. Mr 20%,2% and others hata clothing was below par. Its over
  9. Tarantinoh

    Tarantinoh Village Elder

    It was a meeting to beat off the so called 'voter apathy' in jubilee stronghold. It has worked.
  10. Circledot

    Circledot Village Elder

    The meeting was convened to ask our supporters to register enmasse and declare our tin god as a presidential candidate. We achieved all these
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  11. Mr Black

    Mr Black Village Elder

    Alafu mbona Gideon Moi anachesa na baba? the man voted in favour of the electoral laws amendments alafu leo anatuma Nick Salat aambie baba ako tiyari waende maandamano, tihihihii, saitan!!!
  12. jona

    jona Senior Villager

    Strange enough is chama cha mashimoni was no where to be seen, nick salat is a loud lone ranger and the need for back up system
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  13. jona

    jona Senior Villager

    Man Gidi atasema tu tuko pamoja very soon
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  14. Terrence_

    Terrence_ Village Elder

    By look of the replies in this thread I can see that jubilee fans are a worried lot. This bashing and bullying of CORD has being going on since the meeting kicked off. 36 bloggers on twitter tried it too but failed miserably.

    Anyway to answer your question, the reason for today's meeting was to assure CORD supporters that NASA is there to stay and will not split as expected. It was also a time to see NASA leaders share one podium together.

    We all know jubilee guys were waiting for "mkono kuanguka" just like a fisi bt wooooooh kalonzo is still game.

    Any other question?
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  15. Kdawg254

    Kdawg254 Village Elder

    Too early to write it off o_O
  16. Ole_Wenu

    Ole_Wenu Village Elder

    Seek permission first before you use this phrase.
    It's trademarked and patented to the one and only @Ole_Wenu
  17. ombudsman

    ombudsman Village Elder

    I can foresee possibility of increased cases of pancreatic cancer here. The bile is too much.
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  18. Art

    Art Village Elder

    Ni mwaka wa hiti.
  19. Fala 12

    Fala 12 Village Sponsor

    mimi sikuskia anything on what wakichukua serikali watafanyia kenya. yote ilikuwa tu kutoa jubilee kwa uongozi
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  20. pamba

    pamba Village Sponsor

    Watu tuko ntv tonight ,iko majibu huko
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