Okash wafunge kiosk bila kusumbua


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Since when did loans penalties exceed 100%?? I deliberately got one from these conmen this yr.. 2K sasa imekuwa 5k n counting...:(:(


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sasa wacha waanze kucall and texting your contacts requesting them to tell you to clear your debts
Iko siku kassin yangu amekopa halafu their called me to tell me if I can persuade him to pay.
I asked them swali moja hadi waleo hawajawai kunipigia. I asked them akiwakopa did they consult me? Kwa hivo watembezee kiatu I was neither part of their business. Makasia hao.


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Ukikula hizo pesa ulitu consult?
Peasant, loan ya 2,500/- imekushinda kulipa halafu unaweka thread ya ku complain? Inbox me your number I send u the cash and delete this thread...shenji.
Kuweni Wapole... The little stress you have should not make you bitter towards an uncaring world.Whether you cry or laugh, jua lazima itachomoza kecho, take it easy boys.


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Honestly I thought it's simply usualy thing for many many people out there really. I do not see anything like that for my friends but I do know for example that some eastern europe banks have something like even 300% penalty or even bigger over time, it's just common sense.