Okoth not the father of Anne's son

and you believe it? do you think a lady can admit just like that in the name of a survey?
Well, if you think their method of obtaining those statistiks is flawed then so be it. This is something published by the Standard newspapers is its more or less credible

Also, the part of Karume's kids is quite telling.

Read also this part:

In addition, the research reveals, six out of every 10 men who go for DNA tests find out that they have been caring for another man’s child. The data was collected from seven private laboratories in the city and the Government Chemist. There were also 457 respondents interviewed for the study.

Here, no one needs to admit anything. The tests are there for all to see.

Mrs Shosho

Which program do you watch?
I watch v many of them. Every TV channel kind'a has their own series of crime documentaries.
Favs are murder she solved, Crime & Justice UK, Crimewatch UK, Behind Mansion Walls (watching this one made me know Mrs Cohen is guilty) True Crime Documentaries.
Easier if you search on google, you will be spoilt for choice.