Okwonkwo snatches @pseudonymph from Meria Mata


Village Chief
After acquiring the Volvo truck which she gladly christened Vulva Truck (when am inside the truck it's like am inside her, in her own words), Pseudonymph quickly fell for me.

Our conversation moved to the inbox then to Telegram to avoid the snooping eyes of Admean and that is where things got heated. However she was a bit timid with me and I took time to make her comfortable.

My break finally cam when i put up the White knighting post: https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/word-of-the-night-white-knighting.61850/

Being a nympho, she was interested in this slutty sexual act and asked when I would white knight her :)



Back in Telegram we continued chatting, nudes flowed back and forth. I received a record 124 nude photos between sunday and last evening. The last one was of her in bed using a vibrator to pleasure herself.

This morning I called her up, asked if our meeting is still on and she affirmed, but one problem though. She had to take care of the pesky @Meria Mata. He was here begging apelekewe chapati. (pole VC, I hope ulipata mandazi surwa huko kwa jam).

He was being prepared for eventual dumping with one comment as shown below:

and with that, Msedes Benz owner was friendzoned.

At exactly 1700hrs I rolled into Mlolongo, the city of truck hoes with my Vulva FH16 Big Rig. Parked it on the highway shoulder and called up my sweetheart.

Me: Hi Pseudo
Pseudonym: Hi Okwonkwo, i miss you
Me: Am already here babe, miss me no more.
Pseudonym: Let me get ready bae. I will be there in an hour.
Me: cool. take your time dear.

I hang up the phone and dozed off with some Fally Ipupa songs playing on the radio.

I was woken up by a tap on my window, checked outside and saw my deer @pseudonym smiling at me. Beckoned her to come to the passenger side. Opened the door for her and she climbed up. We hugged and kissed passionately.

Pseudonym: Am deeply hurt.
Me: why? who has hurt you
Pseudonym: it's Meria Mata.
Me: oh. leave that douchebag alone.
Pseudonym: yeah, he's a good for nothing jackass. I wish I never met him.

We continued and we moved to the sleeper and chatted animatedly.


As dusk settled in, we left the truck and went to look for dinner. Then booked a room in one of those highway hotels ready to f**k the night away like rabbits.

As am writing this, tuko kwa room cuddling in bed though amekataa niweke revealing photos.

Kama kawaida threshold ni shoti saba mzito

Part 2 coming tomorrow morning...