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ive always been a boobs man and those boobs were really awesome. I kissed, touched, sucked her upper body and back for about 15-20 mins. She then started sliding her hand on my d*ck. I quickly took my pants and boxer off and she started to suck my d*ck. My god she was so good at it. It was an awesome blowjob. I almost came when she was blowing my d*ck and I controlled it somehow. She sucked my d*ck for about 10 mins and now I wanted to lick her pu**y. I took her jeans off and I kissed her beautiful and sexy thighs all the way down to her pu**y and I started licking her pu**y. It was the first time I was licking a pu**y and it felt really great. I used my tongue slowly and all over her pu**y. She was moaning louder and louder while I licked her pu**y. I wanted to lick a lot more but she suddenly got up and told me lets f**k. The way she told me lets f**k was d*ck raising. She took me to a room where there was a bed as it wasn’t comfortable on the sofa. I don’t know why and how but she had a condom and told me to wear it. I am guessing she used to have sex regularly with someone. She went and lay on the bed and I started fucking her in the missionary position. She was really moaning loudly and asked me to be faster. I fucked her really hard and fast. Her moans were only getting louder. And we changed the position. She was sitting on me and I fucked her for another 5-7 mins and I came. It was the best sex I have ever had.

After finishing I got up and went to the washroom to clean up. Then I came out of the washroom and she was laying on the bed fully satisfied. She asked me to give her cigarette pack from the living room which I did. She started smoking again and I told her thank you for the sex and that she is really awesome. I told her bye and I left. After this incident I had sex with her 3 more times and then my college life ended and I lost contact with her.