Ole Sunkuli and Fr. John Anthony Kaiser


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i want to take you back to the story of Ole Sunkuli, as you know sunkuli was a former mp cum minister in the era of Moi,

'In 1999, two schoolgirls claimed they had been raped by Mr Sunkuli, who was then a cabinet minister in the government of Daniel Arap Moi . Sunkuli is alleged to have offered money for an ****, but the girl, a fourteen-year-old named Florence, decided to keep her baby. A catholic priest John Anthony Kaiser put the girls in touch with the Kenyan Federation of Women Lawyers, FIDA-Kenya. The attorneys submitted the evidence to the government, but Sunkuli was never charged. Instead, police stormed the building where the girls were hiding.' .........

Many of you know Fr. John who apart from being a catholic priest was at the forefront in fighting injustice in Kenya, Fr. John was later killed by the same people he fought

Death and aftermath
On August 23, 2000, Fr. Kaiser was shot in the back of the head with a shotgun, which was nearby. ....He was carrying documents he intended to present to the Akiwumi Commission. He was also to testify against the Moi government before the International Criminal Court in the Hague in three weeks. The first police officers on the scene thought he had been murdered.

Less than a week after Fr. Kaiser's death, Florence Mpayei dropped her rape case against Julius Sunkuli.
( one the two girls who Sunkuli allegedly raped and Fr. John was fighting for their justice)

Kenya's chief government pathologist and a pathologist from an independent human rights organization present at the autopsy thought Father Kaiser was killed from a muzzle distance of about 3 feet (0.91 m), from which suicide would be impossible. .....
Both houses of the United States Congress passed a joint resolution calling Fr. Kaiser’s death "an assassination," and calling for the US State Department to investigate......


Let me tell you something villagers, police injustice is not a good thing, when they finish dealing with them they will start dealing with you

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Many of you know Raila Amolo Odinga who apart from being a mganga has been a perennial loser in every presidential election in Kenya and at the forefront crying wolf a record six times in the last 35 years. Am just saying RWNEBP[/QUOTE]


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mkisii mjinga si Ongeri was a minister in that Moi government? huyi babuon unapenda ku-kiss mboro na matako entered a marriage soon after Kaiser was killed with the same monsters that killed Ouko, Muge, Kaiser and many more.