Omosh Story

Azor Ahai

Neo Unplugged
My take.

You can take a monkey out of the forest but you can't take the forest out of the monkey.

The operating system remains intact despite a cosmetic makeover. If he is a wamunyota, he will remain wamunyota etc.

I like that people contributed. Omosh paid for those contributions with his dignity (charity selfies).

It was a temporary relief. TEMPORARY. Omosh needs a lot more than charity money to avoid a similar situation in future. He has to make some lifestyle decisions that correct whatever process landed him in that situation in the first place. Kama ni pombe, lazima awache. Kama ni gambling ivo ivo. Kama ni malaya, same same.

Case in point - Githeriman. We all know what happened.

Bottomline:- Omosh needs the services of a life coach and the willpower to change. The money alone is not a long term solution.