on 26th ukweli usemwe , poll

will you vote on 26th

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on 26th am not going to vote na sio siri its just that nimechoka na upuss , its no secret that Uhuru stole votes but that was being stupid by the mt Kenya mafia coz Uhuru was winning hata kama angepata 49% ange win aende rerun but manipulating the system to be sure of the win was stupid . sasa every sane kenyan knows what happened and a staunch christian like the CJ can not be bribed and that was the second mistake . trying to bribe the CJ way before the elections was another wrong move . 7th day hawapendi upuss

Basically what i am saying is i am drinking through out the holidays and nitoe hangover after though am a mild baba supporter , hata angekuwa ame approve this election singeenda ku vote . voter turn out will be very low of the 15 million votes expect turn out ya 5 million only thats all i had to say . wacha ni wank na the woman i must phuck before i leave earth , most beautiful kenyan girl Corazon

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