On Alejandro Wanjau, fake Samaritans and the Kenyan conpreneurship spirit.

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It’s good that this conpreneur has been arrested. He needs to refund every dime and do time in Kamiti. Yes, I loathe devils who pretend to be angels in order to exploit the gullibility and ignorance of Kenyans. However, whenever I tell my buddies that everyone should be very careful with people who pretend they are fighting for their rights, they think I am being unreasonably pessimistic. Never ever be quick to trust anyone, yes anyone, who claims he is advancing/fighting for your cause. Never ever be quick to trust these NGO-types who incessantly appear on the TV sounding like modern day messiahs. Away from cameras and PR rubbish, some of them cannot give a cup of water to a thirsty child. Don’t be too quick to praise that woman who claims she left a high paying job in the private sector in order to ‘serve’ the girl child somewhere in Masaai Land. Experience has taught me that many of these ‘do-gooders’ are nothing more than vicious buccaneers who exploit the misery of others in order to drain the pockets of naïve donors. Yes, there are genuine ‘good Samaritans’ out there but there are too few. Let no one fool you: with exception of very few noble souls, everyone is inherently selfish. No one gives a f*ck about your welfare. Never allow fraudulent smooth-talkers to cloud your judgement. Treat these stories you read in the dailies about this magical man who is running a children home with suspicion. If Kenyans were that caring as they sound when on the TV or in the papers, this country would be a sort of a paradise. What is it now? A hell-hole where greed and selfishness are the reigning national anthems. Don’t be too quick to endorse and support charitable activities being carried out through the social media. Most likely, you might end up supporting the luxurious lives of ordinary thieves. And no, do not let these narrations ‘ ever since I was a kid, I have been interested in serving orphans’ fool you. Conmen are very smooth and masters of psychological manipulations. I am certain that this Wanjau douchebag is a smooth operator.

If possible, always ensure that your contribution to a worthy cause goes direct to the intended recipient and not through some brokers or some dubious NGOs. And it is always nice to contribute foodstuffs clothing etc as opposed to hard cash.

There was only one person who was genuinely interested in the welfare of humanity but the Romans executed him.

And if you want a small test to carry out, just constantly watch the TV or read the dailies and within no time, you will come across a ‘do-gooder’ who sounds better than Jesus. Try and locate his/her office and then pay him/her a visit, wanting some help from him/her.

Come and report here how he/she dealt with you away from cameras.

Don’t be fooled by the smooth tongues and social media pontifications from brutal and merciless capitalists who pretend to be do-gooders in order to attract the attention of donors.

I believe such hypocrisy is what made Jesus to be always so bitter with the ancient Pharisees and Sadducees. I believe in his day, there were prostitutes but they were rarely the target of his wrath because at least they never pretended to be any good.
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