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The first time I have watched a truwoman kapundit video from start to finish!

I agree with some of the things this guy is saying, but in general he has his head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich.

Not true that mgtow has always existed at the current level and is not growing. Culture is dictating a change in the way men and women relate...and this change is extensivel, intensive, (inclusive) of all the perspectives of intergender relations of significance including sex, marriage, dating (courting?), etc.

No man who has been on the social media dating scene looks at women the same way our grandfathers did them days. No man who has lived through the meatgrinder that is the western family law looks at women the same way his grandfathers did.

Besides, MGTOW is a small but significant consequence of culture change. Of bigger significance is the pursuit of redpill knowledge by men.
This fraud is basically saying , MGTOW men have issues . He doesn't expound on how gender equality might lead to 'discomforts' in society .

Comments Pale Youtube Put This clearly.

4 weeks ago
So on level two men are in two categories. One hates women and the other has social problems. How about if a man just makes a choice to be single because he doesn't think a relationship is worth it from a cost benefit analysis.



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Chuck Finley
4 weeks ago
MGTOW is only a conspiracy theory for those who truly lack the intelligence to understand what it truly is.



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Anthony Millionaire
4 weeks ago
It's not a conspiracy theory. It's common sense.



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Bone Zone
4 weeks ago
MGTOW is the result of a simple cost/benefit analysis. For a variety of reasons, these men have determined that their situation is better off without a life partner. Some are motivated by angry and resentment while other have simply looked into the numbers and what happens to men in the family courts. MGTOW is the hot new word for confirmed/voluntary bachelor, but we all know bachelors are nothing new. My advice is to let these men be, because that’s what most of them want. Shaming them will accomplish nothing; provoking them will accomplish nothing.
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Deep Verma
4 weeks ago
MGTOW is a position of maximum safety and advantage. Conspiracy theory or not, you cannot fight men who are not there.



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4 weeks ago
Yes, Mgtow are decentralized which is a good thing as it prevents it from being infiltrated and co-opted.



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4 weeks ago (edited)
MGTOW is simply a personal life choice based on personal preferences regarding available options. Women make a similar choice when they divorce their husbands which they do at a high rate.