On Mr Mbuvi Gidion Kioko Mike Sonko


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By Macharia Gaitho

Former Managing Editor, Special Projects

Daily Nation

If there was to be ranking of the most disreputable fellows ever elected to political office since Independence, Mr Mbuvi Gidion Kioko Mike Sonko, to use his full name, would trounce everyone else hands down.

Mr Sonko may sometimes come across as a cartoon character but his extravagant fashion sense and public displays of buffoonery don’t conceal the fact that he has an extremely dark resume blotted with the crime, violence, thuggery, and self-confessed drug use. But it is one thing to be an obnoxious thug with an outlandish dress sense and quite another to be arming a private militia and engaged in terrorist activities.

How the good people of Nairobi ever found him fit for elective office is, surely, is beyond comprehension. Perhaps one day some clever fellows will conduct an analysis to figure out the collective madness that might have induced the capital’s voters to entrust Mr Sonko with leadership.


The boffins will of course also determine that people get the leaders they deserve. If it was madness to elect Mr Sonko as governor, the inescapable conclusion will be that the majority of Nairobi voters have a loose screw somewhere.

It is also said that we are the company we keep. Mr Sonko parlayed his apparent hold on the Nairobi voter into a warm and close relationship with President Kenyatta.

Despite obvious signs of an unbalanced persona, he was welcomed with open arms into the inner sanctum, from where it is likely many secrets were shared over some hedonistic pleasures.

From early on in public life, Mr Sonko displayed a penchant for illicit recordings of his conversations and trysts, as former MP Rachel Shebesh would attest. Any time he fell out with someone, it became standard operating procedure to go public with embarrassing detail, often with audio and video evidence, of whatever shenanigans he may have shared with the offending party. He took ‘kiss and tell’ to the extreme.

Mr Sonko may be a certified deplorable, but that is no license to subject him to a prosecutorial lynch mob. Those disgusted with his antics may applaud for now but they should be aware that, when the State is given the license to subvert the justice system for a private goal, they could one day become the next victims.

Beyond the corruption charges, he was already facing that triggered the ejection from City Hall, could now be extremely serious crimes touching on national security.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has reopened files on past crimes and misdemeanors that were not thought worthy of the courts’ time when Mr Sonko was in good books. It has also come up with ridiculous claims of engaging in terrorism and running a private militia, the apparent evidence being the wearing of quasi-military fatigues that are available in any market.



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Sonko is just being persecuted for falling out with the deep state. Are they suddenly realising that he is a devil as they are trying to paint him? After all those years of working with him?!
One unofficial qualification for leadership in KE is that you have a tainted record. Mtu wa integrity hapo hawezi penya, because your past misdeeds is what they use to keep you in line. So once you're elected you basically have your hands tied behind your back, singing and dancing to the tune of your masters. You fail to do so and this happens. Ironically, even when you accede to what they want, they will still fix you once their use for you is done.

All sorts of weird cases start popping up from all over the place, triggering questions like the one you just asked above.


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when you share that article, a sponsored article, inamaanisha haujui agenda ya watu wa media ama? macharia analipwa kuandika io propaganda, wewe kuisambaza unalipwa?


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I did not vote for sonko. So I feel nothing for his tribulations. What I can tell him however is those in glass houses usually do no throw stones.


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I think Sonkos woes were instigated by Kibicho and not by Uhuru as is popular belief.Simba 1 has been insulted not once nor twice but he is on record saying he doesn't mind.On the other hand, Sonkos woes began the day he explicitly implicated the ps in his chokora wars.


I think Sonkos woes were instigated by Kibicho and not by Uhuru as is popular belief.Simba 1 has been insulted not once nor twice but he is on record saying he doesn't mind.On the other hand, Sonkos woes began the day he explicitly implicated the ps in his chokora wars.

Sonko amekuwa akitusi Kibicho since akuwe elected, but after kutusi symbol of national unity sirikali ikasema no more bullshit, akufie huko kamiti


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And if you noticed, @sani is actually saying we should, like him only comment on subjects touching those paying us.... :D
We know whose dog he is... :p

Actually if you read slowly you will realise macharia is attacking uhuru, the deep state and you as a voter
when you share that article, a sponsored article, inamaanisha haujui agenda ya watu wa media ama? macharia analipwa kuandika io propaganda, wewe kuisambaza unalipwa?
Mike Sonko during a court session on Tuesday, February 9

Sonko was on Tuesday, February 9, released on a bond of Ksh300,000 and surety of the same amount in one of several cases he is battling.

Sonko had been arraigned at the Kahawa West Law Courts in Kamiti to answer to assault charges after he was accused of invading private property in May 2019 and assaulted civilians in Buruburu estate.

The former governor will also be arraigned later for terror-related charges after detectives indicated that he was financing the purchase of firearms and was a leader of a secret militant group.

Earlier, the governor had been rushed to the Nairobi Hospital following a stomach complication.

He was taken to hospital in an ambulance which was equipped with a doctor and a nurse who took care of the former governor.

The flamboyant city politician was later wheeled back to court on the same ambulance in the company of a nurse, where the mention of his case continued. Sonko, who has been in custody for the past week, appeared frail as he sat in the dock.
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Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko's daughter Sandra Mbuvi on Saturday, February 13, made a visit to the former county head in hospital.

Sandra, who is Sonko's youngest daughter, shared intimate photos with her father in the private wing of the Nairobi Hospital.

She later captioned the pictures with an encouraging message to Sonko who is still waiting for a court ruling over his detainment on terrorism-related charges.

The young lady stated that the current tribulations only made them stronger.


Sandra Mbuvi is Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko's youngest daughter

"They throw us in the wolves, we come back leading the pack. Love you papa," she stated.

Sonko appeared to be recovering well as he lay in the executive room.

Sonko was taken to hospital on February 9 and later taken to court accompanied by a nurse where he was released on a bail of Ksh300,000.

The ex-governors ward is in the private wing of the hospital, reserved for VIPs, but access to the flamboyant politician is highly restricted.

He is receiving treatment under the watchful eye of anti-terror police who are guarding his wardroom on a 24-hour basis.

A spokesperson attached to Sonko's team disclosed that he was under good care in the health facility.

While in detention, Sonko lamented that his life was in danger and alleged that an unknown assailant had attempted to poison him through an injection while he was in jail.

He had spent some nights in a cell after the court earlier denied him bail after the prosecution said that he was a flight risk and would tamper with evidence and witnesses.

The prosecution claimed that Sonko once escaped Shimo la Tewa Prison in 1998.


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Vacation interrupted.... :D

A Nairobi Magistrate issued fresh orders in one of the Sonko's cases after the former governor failed to show up for a hearing.

A report by People Daily on Wednesday, February 17, indicated that Magistrate Douglas Ogoti ordered that a fresh medical evaluation on the former county boss be carried out.

The judge directed that the examination be conducted by three doctors attached to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

He also directed that after the examination, the investigating officer produce Sonko in court on March 4 during a hearing of a case in which he is accused of embezzling Ksh10 million.

Kenyatta National Hospital.

Sonko is facing graft-related charges in which he was accused of demanding a Ksh10 million bribe from Web Tribe Limited to help process payments.

Sonko is also accused of conspiring with businesspeople and senior county government officials to embezzle more than Ksh300 million public money.


The directive came just a day after another Nairobi judge directed that Sonko be allowed to recuperate in the hospital before being subjected to interrogations.

The judge barred Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) from visiting the former governor in Nairobi Hospital.

The court directed that the former governor will only face the terror charges labeled against him after he has been discharged from the hospital.

The judge further noted that the governor be confined in his hospital bed until his health improves.

Sonko was admitted on the morning of Tuesday, February 9, prior to his arraignment at Kiambu Law Courts, where he was expected to answer to assault and robbery with violence charges.

The embattled former county boss is facing terror charges after DCI claimed that he was financing the purchase of firearms and was a leader of a secret militant group.


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The Drama Continues Playing.... :D:D:D

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko's lawyers on Friday told a court that he needs to travel to South Africa for a hip replacement surgery.

This is as the Anti-Terrorism Court in Kahawa West, Nairobi, released his two co-accused in the case due to failure by the State to charge them.
Clifford Ouko and Benjamin Ouko were presented before the court as ordered but the State asked that they be released on condition that they report to a police station every two weeks.

Their lawyers, however, argued that the request by the State was "unconstitutional since it had been unable to prefer any charges against them since their arrest."
They were consequently released unconditionally but it wasn't before their lawyers said they had fallen sick while in custody. :D
"Our clients have contacted Covid-19 while in remand and the State wants to continue detaining them without a reason," argued Danstan Omari who was part of the legal team led by John Khaminwa.


As for Sonko, his lawyers presented a doctor's report saying he urgently needs hip surgery.
Mr Sonko has been at the Nairobi Hospital where he was rushed on February 9 with stomach complications.

His lawyers have since said that he suffers from bipolar disorder, excessive body weight, high cholesterol and sleep disorder. :D

The former governor has been a no-show in any of his court cases for the whole of February. This prompted the Anti-Corruption court to order that he be examined by four government doctors at the Kenyatta National Hospital this week.
“The patient has been reviewed by several orthopedic surgeons who all have recommended bilateral hip replacements," said a report by Dr Esther Nafula Wekesa presented in court on Friday.

The surgery is needed urgently as the patient has already developed severe arthritis.
If left untreated, avascular necrosis can lead to serious complications such as bone collapse," said the report. :D:D

While arguing on the need for Mr Sonko to be taken to South Africa, the medical report further argued that the preferred doctor cannot come to Kenya.
Last week, Sonko accused the government of using a decades-old case, which was quashed in 2001, as an excuse to keep him in remand.
In a petition pending before the High Court, he said he is aware that the State wants to resurrect criminal cases against him which collapsed in 1998.
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The Drama Plays On..... :D:D:D

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko will undergo a mental examination to ascertain his capability to follow court proceedings of his criminal trial for graft. The Anti-Corruption Court in Milimani Thursday directed that Sonko be examined by a government psychiatrist at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) to confirm whether he is fit to stand trial.

Principal Magistrate Peter Ooko made the order after the court was furnished with two conflicting medical reports over Sonko’s mental status.

Conflicting reports

One report tabled by Sonko’s lead counsel John Khaminwa indicated that he was not mentally fit to follow the court proceedings. The report dated March 4, 2021 was signed by a consultant psychiatrist, Dr Pius Kigamwa.
However, another report dated February 24, 2021 by four doctors from KNH indicated that his mental status was normal and there no indication of him being unable to attend court proceedings.

Mike Sonko (left) in a Milimani court on March 4, 2021

The four doctors had noted that during the examination, the "patient (Sonko) showed no abnormal mannerism. He was calm, with no restlessness and his speech was normal in volume. His thoughts were logical and coherent".
It also showed that Sonko did not show any “abnormal mannerism, maintained eye contact, (had) no delusional thoughts but was in low mood”.
The four KNH doctors led by Dr W K Sigilai, who is the chief medical specialist, also recommended that the former governor requires psychiatric treatment and follow-ups besides an orthopedic surgeon’s review. The other doctors were Dr Bernard Gitura (cardiologist), Dr Ian Kanyanya (psychiatrist) and Dr Phobe Juma (physician).

Second report

Magistrate Ooko noted that although the two medical reports concur that Sonko suffers from bipolar disorder, the issue of being mentally unfit was not well captured and there were differences.
Mr Ooko called for a second psychiatric report that will be produced in court on March 12, 2021 before he can give any directions on the trial in the Sh14 million corruption case against Sonko, ROG Securities Limited and Antony Otieno Ombok alias Jamal who is being defended by Paula Atukunda.
Earlier on, there was drama when Sonko’s legal team exchanged words with the prosecutors at a different court presided by Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti.

Sonko’s lawyers complain

The court session became unruly after Sonko’s lawyers engaged the magistrate while protesting that he was not listening to them. They were complaining that they had not been furnished with a copy of the medical report from KNH.
Mr Ogoti, while describing the situation as unfortunate, told the lawyers that the court was not the proper forum to protest and that they should lodge an appeal or a revision of his rulings.
The dispute emerged after the court dismissed the former governor’s applications for adjournment and recusal of the magistrate due to perceived bias.

The magistrate had also dealt a blow to Sonko by allowing the prosecution to present new evidence against him and an extra witness in the Sh10 million graft case facing him and two others.

Sonko wanted the magistrate to disqualify himself from the case on grounds that he had denied him a fair trial by extending the proceedings to night time and also allowing protected witnesses to testify.
The former governor also complained that the magistrate had allowed the prosecution to furnish him with additional evidence within short timelines.
But the magistrate declined to disqualify himself saying the claims by Sonko were unsubstantiated. He added that bias can only be proven on the basis of personal or extra-judicial grounds for a magistrate to rescue himself from a case.
He added that asking a court to recuse itself when there is no appeal is a judicial threat and that Sonko was throwing spanners to the case to stall the hearing.
The magistrate noted that the recusal application was filed after Sonko’s previous legal defense team that was led by lawyer Cecil Miller abandoned the case following disagreements with the court.
"The accused must take charge of his case and brief his counsel sufficiently enough to come and proceed in the next hearing. He should ensure he has all disclosed documents in his possession," ruled the magistrate.

The former governor will return to court on March 12 for mention to confirm if he has undergone a mental examination.