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  1. MegaKing

    MegaKing Village Elder

    On Saturday i was traveling into Nai from somewhere in Central. After the over 2 hours journey, we arrived, i was feeling tired. i felt it was a good idea to stretch myself by walking kidogo.

    Unknowing i took the River Road road, few seconds later, an obese, miraa chewing Mofo wearing arafat quickly grubbed me by me collar. A struggle ensured as i tried to protect my valuables and flee myself. Another Mofo grubbed my shoulder from the back side. In the struggle the obese mofo tore my lovely long sleeved shirt.

    A tall dark, thin lipped, fucker directed other mofos to handcuff me, I quickly protested, this mofo who seemed to be their leader said "Kijana utajetetea mbele". that when i realized kumbe hawa ni polisi. I was handcuffed on my right hand with another innocent Kenyan. I tried showing them the matatu receipt, mofo didn't even care to listen. I was hand-cuffed the first time in my life.

    These mofos would arrest anybody standing, a matatu driver was arrested, another guy who had alighted mat from Embu, he had matatu receipt. Mofos wanted nothing but money. We matched from street to street hand-cuffed as fuckers arrested more innocent people. Some guy who was fighting was arrested.

    We started buying our way out with 200, tukapanda 300 hadi 500 lakini wapi, they only said 1k ama ndani. questioning why we were arrested ati, tulikuwa tunapiga umalaya tukinunu kuma.

    I tried unlocking the hand-cuff with my key ring but wapi, until another person was arrested and was hand-cuffed on my left hand. I wish i did it, ningetoka mbio hapo, @pamba can one unlock hand-cuff like the way they do in the movies?

    One mofo told me tukifika station they won't talk to us. A few meter to central police station I bought myself out with 1k, i would have lost more valuables nikiwekwa ndani.

    f**k you! stupid police!
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  2. Rauchen

    Rauchen Village Elder

    Pole boss.
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  3. Mundu Mulosi

    Mundu Mulosi Administrator Staff Member

    Unataka afisi wakule mawe?
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  4. Colombo-Combolo

    Colombo-Combolo Village Elder

    hehehehehehehe hivo ndo kunaendago, na wach movie nyingi mblo
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  5. Guru

    Guru Village Elder

    Everyone is broke. This is one way of getting to live. Pole sana.
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  6. Polmos

    Polmos Village Elder

    At what time was it?If it was at night.Of course they will think that's what you were doing there.
  7. Kirwa

    Kirwa Village Elder

    chain haifunguliwi bure
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  8. gashwin

    gashwin Village Sponsor

    Pole man. Robbery by police is quite common weekends.
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    MISCHIEF Village Elder

    What time was it?
  10. The.Black.Templar

    The.Black.Templar Village Sponsor

    ilikuwa saa ngapi?
  11. junkie

    junkie Village Elder

    Pole mkubwa. Lakini roundi za usiku downtown chorea
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  12. dabu

    dabu Village Elder

  13. Grundy

    Grundy Village Sponsor

    Pole kaka. I don't trust our police. Ungehepa wakupige risasi. Kuna day nishawai shikwa downtown nikitoka ulevi na karao. Kuargue kidogo nikamshow mimi ni studo UoN and there was nothing that I had done wrong. Msee akanichapa quick search akaniambia ni sawa naweza enda. Kuangalia mfuko kumbe mjamaa amenipora 900 bob. Nikamshow afisa iyo si poa akanipatia 50 bob ati niende nipande mat.
  14. Notorious B

    Notorious B Village Elder

    Hapo ndo unajua Mkono ya serikali Hujistretch kuliko miguu yako!
  15. Polmos

    Polmos Village Elder

    The time i started interacting with the police is when i bought a car and i only interact with them when i am driving especially traffic police.They are not bad people as peope make us to believe.Hizo siku zingine sionani nao.
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  16. epoch

    epoch Village Elder

    Hawakusema neno 'tabloid'. Mimi pia nishawahi shikwa hiyo design, the cop kept saying ati kesho tutakuwa kwa tabloid.....because of umalaya. I became friendly, nikaanza kuwapatia hekaya za ktalt. I told him how I found my wife with another man and decided to come to town kupunguza hasira....nikamuuliza, 'ushawahi kuliwa bibi wewe?' Jamaa alinihurumua akaniachilia hivo tu.
  17. Tarantinoh

    Tarantinoh Village Elder

    They had just dealt with some muggers near globe roundabout, and making it hard for thugs to roam freely by arresting suspects. On Saturday they had to deal with marauding gangs from the slums.
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  18. Mankind

    Mankind Village Elder

    Ulikosea Kuwaita mofos na Ungelipa hiyo thao spidi haunge experience all that. Inaitwa hesabu Ya kichwa!!
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  19. Grundy

    Grundy Village Sponsor

    I think police like harassing peasants. Nowadays ata nikipita place wanashika watu msako they just say hi to me and that's it. Back in the day nikiwa campo I used to see cops on one side of the road and I would cross to the other side.
  20. Polmos

    Polmos Village Elder

    How will they know a peasant by just looking at them?