On The Spotlight – Election Boycott


Village Elder
Quoting from the papers..

“Mr Odinga also reiterated his call for staff and system changes at the commission before the election is held”

What system changes? A new electronic voting system… in 60 days!!!!!

“He particularly demanded audit of technology used to transmit election results”

Most system will usually have an inbuilt audit trail, showing what changes are made, and the persons who logged in to perform the change, plus the location and time. They need to find out if this is present if not install an audit trail. Perhaps an alert script written in to notify Commissioners\ Agents when the 100% vote count is breached at any constituency – an independent recount.

“He said there would be no elections on October 17 if there are no major changes at the electoral commission”

Most of the issues highlighted appear to be human error, mainly originating from the centres far away, changes at the central team will not stop those issues from arising again. The IEBC and CEO oversee the election they are unlikely to be manually inspecting every form coming through from the voting centres or inputting the data on to the system.

Probably one of the issues that needs clarification is which counting centres used forms missing serial numbers & watermarks and where they got them from.

The returning officers ought to be given refresher training sessions to able to identify any anomalies on forms before they are signed.

Returning officers should be contactable, if a form is missing a signatures the people at the central office must use some initiative to contact the relevant returning officers to assemble all the agents to witness as missing signatures are added.

Detailed clarification from the courts as to which specific areas need to be rectified would be helpful.

1 month to resolve issues, election date between the 6th to 12th October.

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