One major reason why I never watch local news!!



Clawmatsu uza tomato sauce pole pole. I noticed Mabenda 4 disappeared, kasighau came about, also he lost ........then came @pseudonym who has PhD in mukiology and thisology......just thinking loudly coz those three handles have common characteristics: excellent osungu flow, have lived and know Mombasa really well and all have explicitly horny words.. That's just me...
What I am worried about is the mysterious disappearance of my predecessors ...what happened to them?
And thanks for the compliment.:)

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jana i saw an aeticle on cord tv about a guy that met a lover to be through one of their radio shows only to go 200km and get shagged by a blue handle
You forget, I don't need to validate myself to anyone else but myself....sigh.
For what is the use of seeking approval from God, The hosts and the angels...and you, when I cant do that?
You are not getting it, I mean am not convinced that the word f**k one time meant to strike the ground while digging, or the holy priest is slow?!

oh.. those are my kids...commonly called rascals by their dad or minions by mummy dearest.
They did us proud today...leading in their respective class streams. If there's one thing that is right in my is them.:rolleyes:
Very nice. Good. Congrats to them.


This election fuckerry and the fact that every fuckin thing is on a stand still has got me business is slow.
Kids are closing school for a period which is starting to resemble a ferkin maternity leave!(And my minions eat like termites.)

Money leaving my account is triple of what is coming in!:(

So ,anyway I decided to catch up on the birrionaire wanjigi and the siege and unfortunately I ran across this video...and I got pissed off...My patience has thinned out.Where do we get this caliber of reporters in a mainstream TV station????

IN SUMMARY (for my fellow akanyal clickers)
  • I am along general Mathenge rd......We "understand"that it's inaaaaaa parklands...(so is it there or not?:confused:)
  • But we are outside ataaa the gate of what we "think" is called aaaa kwacha house.( think? so what do those big ferkin letters behind you on that wall written K W A C H A H O U S E spell? :mad::mad:)
  • We "hear" behind us is one of the private office ah offices which we "believe" to belong to controversial...blah blah blah ( Heard from who? Are you supposed to believe or to be ferkin sure of what you are reporting???o_O)
So is this what journalists call objective reporting?? I didn't even continue watching from that point.

meffi! I have gone to my local for a cold one.Might as well drink because the people who are supposed to be telling me what the *** is going seem to be so blasé about it.

sigh...end of rant.
Welcome to FTA. Ever since the NARC days when NAK & LDP wings would take to the podium to hurl epithets at one another every weekend, I gave up on local media.


Sio lazima iwe rooftop. Can be anywhere as long as you have a clear eastern and western sky. Just a small platform to get it off the ground and out of the way.
I am gonna nod my head and pretend i understood what clear eastern and western sky means.. or I just wait for the mister to do it. :D