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Kids have gone back to school but its like they never left school for holidays with all the tution for all students even lower primary (even thou' tuition was banned) . but i hear parents support it despite the cost , saying its better wen kids r busy to avoid bad bhavior. no rest for kids


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Its not about the earnings,its about wasting ur time and being told ur not good enuff just coz u can't remember what color magnesium looks like while burning or who amuj isokum is.The tuition fees could have been used to buy a fleet of nduthis


Can a kid who stays home bila tution compete well with the others,? Teachers would sabotage such a kid by failing her. Usijaribu
I never attended tuition throughout my school life. Na sio mimi peke yangu, I recall at least three of my other classmates who didn't (admittedly, we were a minority). Funny thing is, we were always at the top in performance terms. I never even carried books home during school holidays.
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