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18+ Osha macho...From Uganda.,..Elders gift

Ugandan women huwa fine though.
The hoes you meet at the bar act even better than your average KE girlfriend.
In my early 20's UG was my entertainment zone.
Ksh 1000 was enough to last a day. Keja safi kabisa Ksh 230, Food 100, kwa bar wanauza satchets at 30 bob.
Kwa heshima, unapewa glass. Unaeza adisia beer that goes for 100(USh 3000).
The hoes ni more like ' rent a girlfriend for the day'

Kenyans with sta
I would encourage any Kenyan to have a Ugandan Girlfriend at one time, my ex was a Ugandan and half Rwandan from Western Uganda , she has a big ass,shapely body with a light skin.To this day I still obsess over her ,very wifey women and they squirt in bed,only problem is that Ugandan women can be very loud na wako na some village instincts zenye haziishi,but I would take Ugandan women any time over Kenyan, look wise and behaviour wise they are 100