Ouko Murder - Nicholas Biwott nominated as next Bond 007!

Habari ya wananchi. This was indeed a tale of tales, a wonder to behold on Ouko's death, too irresistible not to place it here for one or two people who might not have caught up with this 499th iteration of Ouko's demise:


It is simply an abomination to the connoisseurs of penning for the exclusion of very creative Kenyan ones.....the Pulitzer!
It leads us from PC Julius Kobia's residence on the evening of 12 Feb 90, where final touches were worked on to perfect the glossy plan, and off they went targeting Ouko's Koru home. What could possibly go wrong here with Nicholas Biwott himself spotting the 007 badge! No lesser than Nicholas Biwott, Julius Kobia, Hezekiah Oyugi, Jonah Anguka (my personal favorite clown-in one of his posts I stated we are really curious not on the veracity but rather categorization of your guilt...would you care to explicate?), amongst an extra 350 to 450lb of muscle embodied in a couple more guys.
For the first time in modern history, unlike in days of yonder when the rulers always led the charge to the battleground, the planners and executors appeared to fuse in an intriguing if somewhat tenuous nexus; a set of no less than 4 pairs of doppelgangers, with each pair virtually indistinguishable in the corporeal!
Seemingly, a contingent of no less than 5 vehicles with an air of panache to their design set the compass and zoomed in on Ouko's Koru home. The operation described herein was not of the subterfuge ilk but rather one that wrought trepidation on any one, and for that matter thing, to be encountered in its wake. This was no "Recce Squad" that would shiver and shudder at 3 Kalashnikov totting deranged extremists, but in fact more akin to "Navy Seal Team 6", with the extra 1 borrowed for crowning Nicholas Biwott as 007 license to kill literally!
In effect, it was an ambush, to flush Ouko out of the sanctity of his Koru home to the horrors that claimed residency in Nakuru State House, and ultimately disposed of like manure, in the dry thickets of Got Alila Hill, where to be trodded upon, and munched on, to satisfy the cravings of some fortunate vultures.
So this is an ambush spearheaded by Nicholas Biwott himself! As the group work pensively to flush Ouko out of the safety granted by his abode, none other than a "short and STOCKY!!"(I was fairly young but I'm positive he must not even then have had any more than 60lb on me). Biwott would wait in Ouko's verandah, ready to crush and shanghai into oblivion, whatever or whoever, man or beast, that would dare come by him!
That's when I lost all hope about the otherwise very entertaining tale. Like or hate Biwott, I believe almost anyone who knows anything substantial about Biwott is that he was a paranoid narcissist! he who would scarcely ever eat from a plate of food prepared for him, and who would seldom, if ever, use a single car, to get from his residence to anywhere, far or near; he, who immensely overcompensated for his diminutive stature with a ruthless show of power that he wielded demonstrably to belittle one, and just as effectively,all, as long as fimbo ya nyayo ongozad us, to hell or to heaven; he was the point guard in that "basket ball game" in Koru!! Biwott was the bouncer!
Well the story has been synthesized to incorporate a multitude of myths, sprinkled with one or two grains of truth here and there, but mostly very vivid and lucid in scope, indeed kudoz to the craftsman that whipped all that together...
I would expect that the presence of any figures familiar to Ouko in the operation would be for the express purpose of rendering a convincing subterfuge, a mouse trap if so to speak, that Ouko would unwittingly stumble upon, before dealing him a blitzkrieg attack that would minimize disturbances that tend to generate unwarranted attention, and such stubborn entities as witnesses. I am left to wonder albeit hopelessly; do you take the PR artists, who marvel at the art of cunning and deception, as they perilously misguide the masses as to their intention, while decisively dishing out the obverse, or do you instead unleash the lethal infantry? If the high ranking entities are not there to pull a ruse on Ouko to flush him out with minimal disturbances or collateral , would they then all expose themselves, and parade themselves right in front of potential witnesses, or in the line of fire of a man who is desperate to save his life and limb, and who is essentially on the loose with at the least a revolver, who with no apparent shyness let off at least 3 shots that mother nature denied a target, and a copious surge of adrenaline that creates instant beasts out of people whose life is guaranteed to imminently cease, with a sort of "in your face!" certainty?
And if we grant even 25% of that story is accurate, one would be left with a very big question mark of the "many mysterious deaths " that felled one, it did many, yet left room for the most damning to directly implicate them?
The more emphatic myths appear to revolve around a singular theme; place either Moi or Biwott right in the "ultimate role" of executioner to sweeten the tragedy tale, and in fact where one of them deals the coup de grace;after all, and indeed to any seasoned media professional, the rudimentary and the mundane do not sell, but in their stead drama does, and we are desperately in love with all of that! I wish all the girls loved me with as much vigor as we do conspiracies, innuendo, and drama....I would walk around with that stupid smile on my face all day long! Bonnie and Clyde is ascertained to sell infinitely more juxtaposed against 100 Clinton Sex Tapes(after you edit out the meaning of is).
If you reached this far...oops my bad....only the URL was for your consumption, whilst the rest is simply misplaced soliloquy...
PS: Thanks for all the love in advance :)
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this post will be more meaningful reading it at the weekends . this morning on a weekday will be challenging for me . But ill give you alike for the effort
this post will be more meaningful reading it at the weekends . this morning on a weekday will be challenging for me . But ill give you alike for the effort
Effort?? my mouth is agape with excitement........the marathons in lexical discombobulation and occasional coherence... they .fire up my Quad Turbos...turbo rush for the boys that like cars that jump instead of accelerating.....ask anyone about my "well not so short" entries that are the very bane of their sentience!
If you need to communicate, do so in a language that is simple and understandable. Otherwise nimesoma lines mbili nikaacha.
You see the problem wananchi; when you purchase medicine you first read the directions...or be like me when I took 6 5hour energy drinks totally underestimating the virility. I wrote 3 novels by the next day.......
Only the URL was meant for your consumption
Oh and by the way ...just to clarify...I don't necessarily type for you to read, as much I do to think aloud, not unlike those who populate journals, if you follow the subtlety...I already know scornful remarks galore will await and I engage the stragglers in kind....
Tried to make that as simplistic as I could boss...
Dead men tell no tales.
Amen. In the Ouko case that key observation was very clearly unveiled if you look at two specific principals; Jonah Anguka, and Barrack Mbajah
People like Oyugi, labda huyo alizaliwa psycopath, for when you are confronted with people who have barely extant if any limbic system...cannot comprehend empathy.....and have absolutely no conscience......Frankenstein will render u a high five for the ultimate contrivance! It would be interesting to observe that among the top ten professions that have many a psychopaths, such groups as: unsurprisingly career criminals especially the likes of the Serial Killers, rapists, and extremely sadistic criminals who torture for fun....Surprisingly: Clergy....... ironically Surgeons, totally unsurprising CEOs, unsurprisingly just about any job description tightly linked with Wall Street....Unsurprisingly Cops-if for the adage set a thief to catch a thief...indubitably a decent number of UFC athletes......and close to the highest peak; good ol politicians

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This is an ultra @Use Less thread
Matter of fact you reminded of a tendency that is as endemic in developing countries, and almost literally 180 degrees in emplacement. Mr. Mashamba who lives in a developing country just has gotten around to spotting that sleek Pagani Zonda F ride. Mr. Smith on the other hand, who lives in a developed country, happens to have snatched up that same model. Would you love to give a wild guess what the very first collective thought that sprang to the fore of the collective mindsets of the respective neighbors in each case: "What's the quickest way to stymie this scoundrel to pull him back down to our collective rightful collective caliber?", ten simultaneously yelled in the former case; precisely what career path would get me to your clouds bro? "Speculation "the Pagani driver quipped, tongue in cheek, in the latter.
Read carefully and think hard......about this one.....
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Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila. Cast your vote!