Outkast - Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik in MIGORI!!!

By far my favorite Outkast song! ...and come to think of it ...actually one of my favorite overall irrespective of genre....
SouthernPlayalistiCadillacMusik ***************************
I wanna end it on this track...so I pass it to my partner...so I step back up in my Cadillac
(for a minute there it almost sounds like Big Boi was re-incarnated from years of yonder in Migori)

Me and you your, mama and ur couzin too(from Atliens). Aquemini dope album listen from start to finnish.. No skipping tracks.
Hahaha......that your mama and your cousin ..been a while since I heard it, was a nice song. That album was I think a defining one in establishing their legacy firmly in the higher echelons.