remove the clothes littering the walls and you have a neat housing complex, just out of curiosity where are the parking slots, what happens if i visit you in my rig?

Gari zote huwa parked next to the outering road .

Kuna wakati niliitiwa kuma huko ndani that was around 4pm i ignored and kept drinking gibleys with pals by 11 pm all pals had called mwks and i was left drooling and blueballs killing me with envy. Gibleys checked in by 12 am and i started texting the kunguru living in paipu and she said ' wewe kuja ' .

I ADIOS'ed me mates and off I was in my ramshackle into pipeline forest . I Carl tundod the vehicle luckily it had not rained . I phucked the girl and slept . I was awoken by thunder storms at around 5 and knowing my wife was to come the same day I told the girl I had to leave I gave her some upkeep cash and left kutoka nje waaaaaa . Shamba when it rains the whole place is a shamba .

Gibleys told me mbaya mbaya and I drove through . Kuendaga nifike stage I had two written off flat tyres

Hivo ndio navy seal alinunua tyre mbili mupya nikasema hapo kwa wakamba kina @culture na @vuja de siwes ingia na gari kama mbaya kuleni hizo kuma zenyu ( but kama ni kuma I can always go in incognito na gumboots .