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Malaya kujiua juu ya boyfriend! Imagine a prostitute committing suicide over boyfriend?! Eish.

Met a woman a while back through her younger sister who was in college at time. She was basically a thorough drunkard who picked men from clubs and fucked them for pay. She was very beautiful though.

Then she met a young guy who she brought into her house and started living with him. She seemed really happy to live with the young man. I once asked her why she wouldnt quit picking guys and open a boutique. She showed me the middle finger.

Some weeks back, the guy got a job, came picked his stuff and announced that he was getting married (to someone else).

Kunguru akaacha kwenda klab akaanza kushinda kwa nyumba akikunywa pombe. Dadake kujaribu kuencourage aende counselling akakataa. Mwishowe akakunywa sumu. Kupelekwa hospitali, akafa.


What is the point of committing suicide over one kafella when someone has been dishing out to a whole goddamn town?
Pole for your loss.On a serious note Mental health issues should be looked into ndio hhizi story za suicide ziishe.
The problem comes when you're willing to help a depressed person na hataki...

Kuna mmoja,was really close to me but alikuwa na issues kibao,from slittin wrists,to attempting to OD na rat 'n rat...kujaribu kumshow hiyo ni ugonjwa alinionyesha midfinger,nkasema sawa.