Theuri wa kigogoine

It's of no use to hate your parent. We have been through worse situations while growing up na bado sisi hutuma ka mpesa kila wiki, shopping hapa na pale na atleast 1 visit per month.

Karega nyina no gukua gakuaga. (Asiye sikia LA mamake hufunzwa na ulimwengu)


However bad they are don't entertain the thought of cutting links with your folks


Blood is thicker than water! Try to make amends with them while they are still here. Just swallow your pride and ego, man. When they’re no more utajua how important they were.
to all who have cut them parents MBWA NYINYI i have non icry day to day wish they are with me hio space ni kubwa bila mzazi dnt u knowtill imekam
thats different. Your parents were good to you so you miss them.
Toxic parents are different, they make your life shit. So you wont really miss them when they go.
If you are in a toxic relationship with someone, it's understandable and actually for the best to minimise contact. Parents or not. There's no need to idealize ALL parents because not all are good. We may all have read/seen incidents where parents do terrible stuff to their kids. Respect is not involved. It's simple reality. Getting some space away for your own well being. If one is yet to be financially independent, they may face some money issues. Use time away wisely. One can keep contact to the level they are comfortable with eg by phone. It's a parent's duty to give their kids stable & peaceful environments and one should not feel guilty of looking for them.
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Pwegegege this guy wanted a support group akapata no one shares his sentiments now he's trying to convince himself that he made the right decision.