Pastor Kanyari

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Sema mtu kuanikwa na jicho pevu.I must admit, this guy knows how to act.I pitty those guys wenye wanamtajirisha.


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that was one hell of being exposed too much for one person mpaka u pitty that guy..whats even worse the wife is a gospel artist Betty Bayo..


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a post i've seen on fb.
Religion however bad and deceiving it is, has its positive side. Intact its positives outweighs the negatives.

How would the government control us without religion? You think police is enough? There are many who don't engage in crime not because they fear police but coz they don't want to go to Satan's.

Without satan's, imagine not going to Satan even if your sins are as bad as gakaraku? How would the world be like?

Theuri once telled me that if they wanted people to fear piu piu, they would have saided that instead of telling people they will go to Satan, they should have said you will be reborn as gazelle at Maasai Mara. Imagine how those things never at peace even small. Daily, running from predators every ten minutes. There is no punishment like that. Its worse than burning in hell.

Btw, even Kanyari's and other pastors technique works for all those who send them money.

Not because the 'powers' has worked on them, but because its all in the mind. Even the bible is clear.... BELIEVE with all your mind and it will work. BELIEVE is the key. Without it, nothing! Jesus also told those he was healing to believe. The only one time he did not ask them to believe was when he made liquor.

And on believing, each of us believe in some kinda lucky charm. There is a person who can greet you and you will have a lucky day. There is one who can greet you, you return home because you wont make even a bob. There is that underwear you wear and you get lucky all day.

If I am asked, Kanyari should go ahead with his tings. He helps so many a great deal in a way no doctor, no Mwangi WA Equity can. The mind power.

The only thing I feel pain is when he asks persons to strip infront of the whole congregation alafu ana smile. Pyscho.
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