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The payslip for the Househelp (after the recent pay hike by the govt) should now look like this. It's true that everyone is paying them 10K+ but deductions lazima ziwekwe:


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Akipata ata hiyo 954 ni Bahati. Most of them would be forever with payslips that read negative and heavily indebted to their employers.


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We human beings are so funny, I think the 10k as proposed is very little for a house help. A house help does the following.
1 wakes up early in the morning to prepare the kids for school-wife wakes up early kujipodoa
2. prepares breakfast
3. washes clothes
4. packs mid break snacks for the kids
5. Takes kids to the gate to catch their bus
6. cleans the house
7. Irons clothes
8. prepares dinner
9. washes dishes after dinner.
9a.. Entertains the Husband and older male kids in the house in bed..
the above chores are done on a daily basis, is 10k enough
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