PC gamers: FAR CRY primal crack is out

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kwa wale peasant pc gamers, 3dm ametoa crack View attachment 77884
First Of all its cpy ...3dm were exposed as a bunch of attention seeking hores n never put the name 3dm in a place where Gods walk.
Bless cpy amefanya denuvo bitch yake been cracking it every 2 weeks,this is just one that he circled back to. Idk y though game can't hold a candle to the anthology n never call PC gamers peasants



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please wake me up when cpy cracks fifa 17 pc.
peasants ni wewe na watu wako. my custom made intel core i7 pc running on Nvidia GEFORCE gtx 1060 unaniita peasant gamer?


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Watu wa CoD apana tambua io
COD players exist after last year game imedie na hapa ni league ingine ambayo cod haiwezi ingia ever heard of the dunia engine.....
ndio nacheki net saai ati 3DM fifa 17 crack? wtf? ive not been i the loop; is it out?
kudanganya nini kijana? wewe unajua kile inaongelewa hapa kweli? endelea kucheza angry birds kwa infinix bole bole
3dm ..dude are u just name dropping scene names and try and act like you know....fifa 17 was bieng done by a guy on the subreddit @Deorro rinked ...i think it was MKDev n it was a test crack..... meaning few systems work with it ..wont explain about the cpu issue n denuvo here.Plus unadhani these guys care about fifa nope RPG's first actually rpg's everything else just benefits from the efforts they make on these cracks(rpg games).
ai buda yaani unaona CPY na bado unasema 3DM wacha kudanganya. Siku hizi games kama zote get hacked by CPY. 3DM used to only create emulators instead of Full cracks. hata fifa CPY ndio walickrack
I thought the group was secret i am still on their subredit but before walikuwa something else when it was public i don think its open anymore to public....wont bother checking.
I never get how this happens until i play that game over the weekend and realize its 4.00 in morning on monday and in the same boxers all weekend without any shower and shitload of empty six packs,take out(mostly chips na kuku-bless n hate ma kalocal) and an ash tray with what looks like a nuclear fall out is when you realise thank God you have Mondays.Games can take over your life especially multiplayer....
@Deorro please man nabeg basi weka webm extension buda hadi fb iko na gif na webm ama unataka ishike kwa whatever platform umetegea tu finally see why people use webm n not gifs anymore
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