Peace and Life in Somalia (Nabad iyo Nolol)

The recent attacks in Kismayu has been officially reported to have resulted in atleast seven deaths ..unofficially, its in the tens

Most notable of the deaths is of a famous fathumo Hodan ..reports indicate that she initially survived the blast but was shot on the back ..died in hospital

A suscipicious attack given that Kismaayo hasnt had an attack in seven years attack that comes when elections are next month

This thread isnt a report ..doesnt claim arab ancestry ...doesnt celebrate great scholarly achievement of the somali people like that A- in '94 ..doesnt mention mcoondu ..doesnt legitimize great achievement in ktalk sphere like fastest made V.E ..doesnt say f**k.MADHOOBE..THE.PIG


Invokes the reality that the great nation of Somalia and its people will one day rise above geopolitics and be the land of prosperity as is with its arab-league mates

AUN Hodan


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You want us to cry for Hodan ama? Did you cry for the Kenyan victims in the same attacks? Peleka hii upuss huko somalitalk
True, attacks on nywele ngumu don't elicit this kind of outcry. Alshaitan members don't come from Mars but live within the community and are known to them, however they choose to accommodate them as long as they are not the targets. How can you explain when these ferkers launch attacks deep inside Kenya?


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I think we should be thankfull to the God that we are living in very good country in comparison to Somali, after all personal income have very big impact on that matter, that's really for sure. Thanks in advance though for arising the topic still.