people will help yu only when you die

My house is about to be locked on date 29th just because I was not able to raise rent.I post it on fb seeking help, i get 2 likes zero comment.
So i send 100 messages to my contact list requesting for a loan ya 15, 000/=. Sadly only 10ppl reply. 6 out of the 10 are claiming they can't help. The 4 who can help tell me ningoje waende bank kesho. Kesho mmoja ako mteja, the other 3 never pick. So jioni imefika, door is locked.
_I have no where to sleep. I walk in the dark seeking options and sadly goons meet me. Flash foward the next day current issue that broadcasters feel warrants the interruption of scheduled programming is am dead.
1500 ppl post on my wall how they knew me. How great i was. A committe is formed by my loyal friend.Friends contribute 200,000/= to feed guests at my funeral.
My staffs team up and bring another 200k for coffin tents and chairs.
Iam burried in a coffin worth 15k but since they purchase it in haste they meet a cartel who middle mans it and sells it to them at 45, 000/=.
Relatives meet again, its a rare occasion for them to meet, so they meet . /For my send off/. They collect and extra 350, 000/=.
Everyone wants to volunteer in order to appear they r helping. Youth print t-shirts with my image, each T-Shirt costs 1000/=. The 400 youth all pay, so the T-shirt man gets 20, 000/= profit from my death.
Everyone wants to speak in my funeral. There is drama all over from people who never knew how i survived. Rumours fly in the air about how was murdered by my friends. Peolple blame my sucessful relative for having sacrifised me Speeches are made on how talented iwas even if non attended my events. The few friends who supported me don't get chance to speak in my funeral even if they know the Truth. In fact they are prime suspects for my death.
Wakenya hio pesa munachanga haingekuja kabla nife?
# Dont show people Love when they are gone show when they can appreciate you..
# Call people when they can pick not when gone and you pretend with crocodile tears they are not picking..
# DeeptruthwhichHurts .


Village Elder
umeongea kama wazee tisa... thats the f**king truth. watakuongea ukiwa hai na wakusifu ukifa. so my friend cherish your youth and do less on women and fombe plus those huge rents. save nunua 1/4 an acre jenga ata ya mabati. wacha waongee. ukipata kakitu jenga your dream house. watanyamaza. wengine waseme umeingia illuminati.... let them talk


Village Chief
actually, not to be tribal but Luos are like that. They will not contribute a single shilling when you are lying in hospital but once you die, everyone turns generous. They will fall over themselves trying to impress your family by making the best contributions to your funeral. In fact, every matanga is supposed to be bigger than the previous one witnessed in the village.