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Village Elder
Hey guys, I took my last dose yesterday morning, Im still high today but inashuka polepole and it feels really good to be sober after a whole month of being high. I wanna thank the ktalker fraternity for your support, motivation and experience, it really helped me through that tough time. On other news, Im planning a big reunion na wifey kama next week hivi after the effects have completely worn off. hopefully life goes back to normal that is after HIV test halafu ingine later. I also will keep the mikebe ya hiyo madawa to always remind me of the difficult time I went through. Lifes tough but the world is for the toughest. Ni hayo machache tu, Peace


Chief village rustler
When you're having even the village hyena quitting ... then you know shit just got real! Phew... Team mafisi we need to go on a serious recruitment drive
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