pesa ya idps


Village Elder

Payments worth Sh176.6 million allegedly made to internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the year to June 2019 cannot be accounted for, a new audit has revealed, raising concerns of possible pilferage by some public officers.

The latest audit comes in the wake of a report by former Auditor-General Edward Ouko who in July 2019 questioned the irregular payment of Sh2.7 billion to fictitious IDPs
Mr Ouko unearthed numerous anomalies in the payment of the cash meant for people who were displaced by the 2007 General Election violence.
Mr Ouko said money was paid to non-existent IDPs, people who had duplicate names and others who did not have identity cards.

Mr Ouko accused the fund of making payments worth millions to IDPs without national identity cards in Turkana County.