Petition for Self Determination

I would love this to offence intended at all but hizo sides za Nyanza can secede. They have consistently had poor leadership in what we now call counties but will always insist on blaming the national government for their problems. I feel like this will end the hostilities between the Luos and Kikuyus. They can have Raila as their president and we can all move on in peace. God bless the United states of Western and the Eastern Republic of Kenya.
No offence intended to my luo brothers.:D:D
When was a referendum held in which the people of all those regions decided to vote for self determination? Ama some busybodies somewhere are making decisions on their behalf without consulting them? You know, like in an autocracy? As far as I'm concerned, only some members of one community have refused to face the fact that their leader was thoroughly thrashed in the just concluded free, fair and credible elections. As such, if they were to secede, the new state would be a Lesotho-like, landlocked country, totally encircled by Kenya.


Village Elder
Actually, I would urge the Kikuyu to call their bluff and push for that secession!!! Who do you think stands to benefit from it? Central province can sustain it's economy and even acquire international loans. I don't think Nyanza, as it is now, can stand for long on it's own feet.