Phising Scams

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As i was going through my mails i came across this email that required me to upgrade my account, and this got me wondering as to how many people unknowingly fall into this trap; i got to admit, it looked legit at first glance.
The telltale signs of scam are very clear though.
One type of phishing attempt is the email message stating that i should upgrade my account to avoid any Interference, and asking me to "upgrade here" to verify my info.
These scams attempt to trick recipients into responding or clicking immediately, by claiming they will lose something (e.g., email, bank account). Such a claim is always indicative of a phishing scam, as most companies and organizations will never take these types of actions via email.
(So i went ahead and "clicked") The second sign will be noted on the address bar.
And that is not your typical email service address.

(then i "logged into my microsoft account)
(And my Account was "successfully updated")
Mind you it will then redirect you to the actual mail web; just to keep everything clean.
Anyway, najua most villagers know this scams, but just incase...... Chunga.
Oh, and here is the url to the phishing site (na sijasema uclick):
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