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Pictures of the Day: Salvator Mundi sold for Ksh 46.74 Billions


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Hizi billions zote for just a paint!

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
Year: c. 1490–1519
Type: Oil on walnut
Dimensions: 45.4 cm × 65.6 cm (25.8 in × 17.9 in)
It first sold for kshs 1M in 2005. Man, can you imagine the return on investment!!!!
Actually the Russian had bought it for near $200m, da Vinci is the most sort art work in the world and US of all does not own one... I suspect they are the buyers.
o_Obahati mbaya mtoto aharibu na crayons na huwezi uza yeye to slavery
These kind of art work are protected more than our African presidents, and if it's placed on display know that it's not an original on the display.


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Its all about demand and supply, though at times I think that at times art sales could be used to launder proceeds from criminal activities..........

Leonardo was a jack and master of many trades from medicine, art, mathematics, astronomy...... A real genius.
You might be right