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Piga bibi ukiwa na kaitu...NTV's Doreen Gatwiri gets 3million juu ya kuchunwa maskio na mp husband

still ata akichukua half,there's the other divorce case that is ongoing..and you know the drill kwanza just incase there are kids involved...,first kugawana property,then mwanaume kunyonywa child support.
In corporate terms, hii inaitwa golden parachute.. Doreen anataka a healthy divorce settlement to sustain the lifestyle Mulyungi introduced her to..:D:D:D:D

Now imagine if Mulyungi had never promoted her from side-dish to wife, hangekuwa anasumbuka hivi.. The new side-dish naye ataanza kupanga vile atapata a similar golden parachute..

Marriage is a resource distribution mechanism for women.. Even MacKenzie Bezos became the 3rd richest woman in the world due to divorce..
If am an MP or super rich if my wife die
rule no one
I will never bring a woman and allow her to stay at my house. I have had enough of a marriage hio time yote nimebakisha wacha nikule nyama soft tilll death stops me. Besides i read somewhere his son also died so basically i wouldnt even try that shit again.
ntakula strictly 1st and 2nd years hio toxic feminist kama huyo apo juu nimeachia kina Atwoli na Brikicho haha