pimping out my car


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other than painting rims black and the car body black... what else can i do to pimp it up.

Iv put a new system and a touch screen radio.. as well as reverse camera.

Trying to convince myself not to buy the mercedes E200 by pimping out my toyota


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A nice paint job, very nice and some good rims, with quality low profile tyres or whatever is your liking,( depends with the type of car) personally I hate the wide rims that protrude alot.
Engine kit, make sure it's tuned well, nice seats and interior, not covers but the good stitching. Sound system, well hapa depends, I prefer to leave and keep it simple but good quality, maybe change the speakers or add, depends with your car and age...
These days guys are going for ceramic coating and super paint work... Start there, then the interior and rims and tyres...
ningekuambia uweke hoodscoop na uweke twin vf44 lakini hapo hauna options mingi...
1.weka lumar tint 3m
2.black rims17inch na uweke powder paint.
3.weka body kit kama iko applicable
4.leather seats za black wachana na covers alafu weka waterproof floor chini then malizia with red carpet.
5.radio weka ya maana wachana na xplod bose ndio kusema.

ak automative watakufanyia kazi mzuri dent utakula ukiona gari utakua unafurahia sana